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About Us

Global Trade Wings seeks to provide the best value for money to our wholesale and retail partners across the globe.

We are exporting our products to all major ports in South East Asian markets. 

All the products are controlled and checked by Q.C. which is a huge part of our business. Because we want to supply quality products to satisfy our buyer’s in order to build a strong business relation for years to come. 

We welcome your valuable inquiries for offering at our very best co-operation and do serve with sincere efforts to build a strong and long-term business relationship. 

We hope that we can be a business partner in a near future.

How We Do It,

What separates us from our competitors is our professional & personal approach and also our ability to provide the right quality product with quick & efficient delivery even on weekends. This has given us an edge in the industry and also continued patronage from our existing clients.

**  We are the supplier of choice because of our emphasis on customer satisfaction, 

      with a vast product portfolio with Timely delivery, **


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Our Mission

To provide clients with value service in a competitive standard; friendly environment; Create a partnership with associates and maintain a commitment to the community and makes the difference among the rest. To be the most widespread exporter in the galaxy (if life is ever discovered elsewhere); otherwise, at least on Earth.